New year new trends

Hello my fellow classmates the year is 2022. It is the new year that also means new clothing style.



The first one is long coats for the winter an example is this.



Long coats are very stylish this year. They were also last year because it is very early this year a lot of the trends from last year are still in trend like side leg jeans Nike airs and a lot more.


New foot wear are new winter boots. Almost any color of them people have been buying and wearing this year this is what they look like.

These are the boots there are a lot more different styles too. The theme for right know seems to be beige and black colors. Also here are 2022 color chart

Shoes are a big trend this year there are so many types but one of the most popular are nike Air Forces. They come in so much colors but the most popular are probably the white ones.

The shoe section is endless but there are also some hats that have become trendy. I’ve if them is the bucket hat i think they are really comfortable.


Thank you for coming to my pst i hope you have a great day.



PT 1 Christmas movies : Home alone

As Christmas is approaching you start to get into the holiday spirit. Roast marshmallows by the fire and watch movies. ESPECIALLY CHRISTMAS movies. For example home alone the grinch  and Rudolph but have you ever though about the fashion it



First movie : Home Alone                   

Home Alone cam out in 1990 longs time ago. You might think .“OHHH i Love that movie” but have you ever thought about the fashion. It was all nice and and plane and ugly sweaters all over and always warm coats. But it has changed know there is really nice fur winter coats. They also always wore long sleeves and long pants like Kevin did most of the time. But the girls wore plaid jackets and glasses like all of the other girls mostly. Know the styles is coming back and plaid sweaters and 90’s styles and music.

My First Post

             The Met Gala

The Met Gala is a place where famous people go to show off their clothes. But it is not just random people it is celebrities like Ariana grande or Taylor swift. You might think ohh it is just a fashion show. Well I guess it is like this big staircase where people walk down and get their photos taken. But the people were wearing really interesting clothing for example.

Rihanna wore a big black beautiful dress but there were some accessories. 

Kim Kardashion wore all black and you could not even see her face. Cardi b wore a big dress that was all red and long and honestly beautiful.

Billie Eillish is known for all of the baggy clothes and goth looking. At the met gala she wore a beautiful dress

And looked like a princess.

 A$ap rocky rapper accompanied Rihanna to the Met Gala wearing a knitted colorful blanket. 

Justin Bieber went to the Met Gala in a black suit with his wife, Hailey bieber. Hailey was wearing a beautiful black dress

Those are some of my met gala looks 

 Thank you for reading my post about the gala  and stay tuned for more posters from my fashion blog.

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